What is QiGong?

QiGong, aka ChiGong, means working the breath or breath work. 氣 is the Chinese character meaning air or breath energy. It is pronounced “chee”.   功 is the character meaning work, and is pronounced “gong”.  The various breathing techniques developed by the Chinese is called QiGong nowadays, but was traditionally termed “TuNa”.

QiGong is practiced to build and harmonize the energies of the body. When the Chi or Qi energy of the body is strong and harmonized, the body tends to be healthy, strong, full of vitality, and the mind is calm, serene yet alert, focused and engaging.

Common forms of QiGong include the following: TaiJi, Eight pieces of Brocade and many more.

The key to Qigong is “balance”.  To balance, the practitioner needs to know how to adjust the breath, body, mind and emotions.  Start within for the beginning years, progress outward when one’s abilities are mature.

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