Q:     Does Acupuncture Hurt?

A:     This is the #1 most asked question in my clinic.  When people think of needles, they think of the hypodermic needles used by their regular MD doctors to give injections that can really hurt.  Acupuncture needles are many times smaller than the kind that you get flu shots with.  The needles I use are solid with smooth endings that are about as thick as your hair.  People experience the insertion  differently. Some patients describe the insertion to be like a mosquito bite, others say they feel just a tap and don’t feel the insertion. After the needles are inserted, people feel a warm, numb or distended feeling. After the treatment, the patient can feel relaxed with a sense of well-being.

Q:     What is Acupuncture and how does it work?

A:     Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a illness and disease treatment method that has been used for thousands of years and based on experience and efficacy.  It is a gentle holistic treatment technique that stimulates your body to naturally heal itself. The herbs that we use in Chinese Medicine are also natural, gentle and effective, when used correctly, without harsh toxic effects.

Acupuncture is based on the TCM concepts that Chi (energy of the body) flows along the Meridians (basic pathways that traverse the body) and can be regulated by using Acupoints along the meridians.  There are 14 meridians with acupoints used for treatment. Pain, illness and dysfunction results from blockage, poor flow or imbalance of the chi along the meridians. Needling the appropriate acupoints can restore the flow and balance of chi in the meridians to optimize health.

Q:     Do you use disposable needles?

A:     Yes. All are sterile one time use needles that are disposed of after treatment. I don’t know of any acupuncturist in the U.S. that still reuses and autoclaves his needles. I have never used recycled needles in my acupuncture career.  Disposable needles have been the trend here in California since the 1980’s. There are laws requiring acupuncturists to use procedures that insure clean and safe handling of the needles to insure patient health safety.

Q:     How Safe is Acupuncture?

A:     Acupuncture is extremely safe.  It is a drug-free natural technique without toxic side effects.  Infection  is rare due to the use of disposable sterile needles.

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