Healing Crisis

A healing crisis is when a patient’s symptoms feel like they get worse before getting better. Usually lasting for 1-3 days. I describe this as a hump on the road to recovery, and patients feel better after getting over the hump.This is not uncommon as 1 patients out of 10 might experience this. More notable in the ones that take pain killers or use ice.

Originally, it was called the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction when used to describe how patients would be flooded with the endotoxins of dying bacteria during effective treatment. We see this effect not just when dealing with bacteria. It is the same reason that people feel worse during sleep than when they are awake. It is during sleep that the healing mechanism of the body is the strongest, and people feel it the most. Sometimes the body can not heal itself effectively, and that is when we need to assist it with acupuncture and herbs.

We want the body to heal itself effectively. So, when the pain reduces after 1-3 days, we know it is doing its job, and the healing crisis it over.

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