Preventative Medicine

Keeping your energies balanced is the key to Chinese Preventative Medicine. Preventative medicine is by far the strongest aspect of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  We do have the methods to  detect small imbalances in your body before it turns into a detectable illness or condition. Why not keep your body and energies fine tuned to prevent bigger problems from developing?

It makes perfect sense. You take your car in for maintenance as recommended by your car manufacturer.  Hardly anyone buys a car then drives it until something breaks and then takes it to be worked on.  So why would you not do the same for your body and health? After all, your health is your key to high quality, pain-free living.

In Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, we want your organs and energies to be strong and balanced. If you want to have more energy, feel and look younger, age slower, get ill less, then I encourage you to come in and learn about what we can do for you.

The three steps to youth, health and longevity in our maintenance acupuncture program:

1. Fix any existing conditions or illness.

2. Balance any existing imbalances or clear existing chi blockages.

3. Maintain a strong and balanced state of chi to achieve a heathy existence.

If you have one or more existing conditions or problems, then we want to fix those first. If you do not have any problems yet, then we want to see if you have any underlying imbalances that should be corrected first.  Once you are balanced, strong and healthy then we want to keep you in that state by harmonizing your chi and energies with that of nature on specific dates that correspond with important changes in nature. This is much like tuning a piano to make sure the tones it produces are all in tune with exact frequencies. The timing of your car engine can be off over time. The strings on a piano can be off tune over time. The energies of your body and organs can fall out of balance also. That is why we want to synchronize your chi and energy with that of nature and the universe. The maintenance schedule is according to specific dates of the Chinese solar term calendar.

Preventative Medicine includes the know how of what your constitution is made up of, where and when problems are likely to manifest in your life, when the best times for maintenance treatment are, what dietary changes to make and when to make them, etc. There is much involved and it is complicated to explain in a short webpage.  However, it is where Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture excel when you compare it to all the other medicines out there.

Once you decided that you want to get on a good Preventative medicine program, give us a call to schedule a consultation and get a jump start on keeping your health.  A simple program of one treatment per season is available,  all the way up to an extensive program involving 24 treatments per year can be chosen.  We will evaluate your constitution, give you advice on where to focus extra preventative efforts, what to eat when and when to make life style changes.

Example: Patient A:   to be continued…

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