This is a condition which I have had a lot of success treating.  The patients usually notice a difference within the first 2 treatments and most are rid of their problem within the first treatment cycle which is 10-12 sessions.

In 2009, 2 patients who claimed they were suffering from this problem were rid of the problem in just one session. In 2014, a patient who had fibromyalgia for 40 years was rid of the problem after  25 treatments. As of July 2015, the patient is still free from fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is characterized by pain throughout the body, fatigue, poor sleep and poor memory. There are also many trigger points through out the body that show pain when pressed. Though this causes much suffering in the lives of these patients, the good news is that is responds quite well with Chinese Medicine, especially when herbal formulas are taken with the acupuncture treatment. Some doctors try to teach patients how to live with fibromyalgia, but we say, “no one needs to live with fibromyalgia”.

Fibromyalgia is treated with a special protocol of acupuncture and herbal program that has five steps to it. During treatment, the patient is encouraged to follow these tips:

  • Get to sleep by 10pm daily
  • Stay away from cold foods and drinks
  • Stay away from Air Conditioning as much as possible
  • do the correct Chigong exercises

Compliance and following the directions we give will speed your recovery and save you money.

The only patients that I have not been able to help are the ones who are non-compliant or the ones that are on pain killers.  For this reason, the progress of a patient usually kicks into over drive once they get off the pain killers.

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